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Original price Rs. 1,050.00
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Nourishing your large breed dog and her precious puppies is paramount, and ROYAL CANIN® Maxi Starter Mother & Babydog offers the ideal nutritional support they need to thrive. This specially formulated dog food is tailored to meet the unique requirements of large breed dogs during gestation and lactation, as well as large breed puppies with an adult weight of 26kg to 44kg. 

Key Features:

Digestive Health:

  • Maxi Starter is formulated with a special combination of nutritional elements that mirror the composition of a mother's milk.
  • Supports a puppy's digestive health and bolsters their natural defenses, ensuring they develop strong and healthy digestive systems.

Gestation/Lactation Support:

  • Offers perfectly balanced nutrition designed to cater to the heightened energy demands of a nursing mother dog.
  • Especially crucial during the final stages of pregnancy and throughout the lactation period, it provides essential nutrients for the mother's well-being and the healthy growth of her puppies.


  • ROYAL CANIN® Maxi Starter Mother & Babydog can be effortlessly rehydrated, resulting in a delectable porridge-like consistency.
  • This feature enhances palatability, making it appealing for both the mother dog and her puppies as they transition from milk to solid food.