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Signature Grain Zero Cat Litter - For All Cats And Small Animals - 8 kg

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Crafted with 100% bentonite clay, this natural Grain Zero premium cat litter offers the perfect balance of heavy non-tracking granules with a medium-grain clay. What does that do? 

The hard clumping medium-grain clay effectively blocks moisture from seeping into the tray's bottom and also ensures there's minimum tracking. The hard clumps will not break down easily, making scooping the litter a super easy task. The low dust and hypoallergenic formula makes it ideal for both cats and their parents suffering from allergies.

Designed for single or multi-cat households, Signature's Grain Zero Cat litter has a strong odour control. The lavender fragrance will keep your home smelling fresh and clean between litter box cleanings.

How To Use:

  1. Pour cat litter in the litter box. 
  2. Dispose the collected clumps in a sealed bag after every use. 
  3. Refresh the litter if it runs low.


  • Premium bentonite clay cat litter with lavender scent 
  • Made of non-tracking granules and medium-grain clay
  • Hard clumping make it easy to scoop 
  • Ensures minimum tracking 
  • Low dust and hypoallergenic formula 
  • Superior odour control 
  • Lavender scented for a refreshing smell 
  • Ideal for cats and parents suffering from allergies
  • Can also be used for small animals.


  1. If the litter smells bad, it shows that the adsorption of the cat litter has been saturated. At this time, please add fresh cat litter. 
  2. The cat litter cannot be recycled. Always use a sealed bag to dispose off the cat litter in a non-recyclable dustbin. 
  3. Do not flush the litter to avoid blocking the pipeline. 
  4. Do not let children play with it. 
  5. Remember to wash your hands afterwards.