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Goofy Tails Recycled Paper Clumping Litter with free Goofy Tails Litter Fresh Deoderiser

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Litter : Goofy Tails paper Based Cat Litter will strongly appeal to discerning pet owners looking for safer, healthier, more natural and earth-friendlier litter alternatives for their cats. There are many different types of cat litters in the marketplace and common ones are those made from clay, minerals and silica crystals. Paper-based cat litters are now gaining increasing popularity. Cat owners appreciate the numerous benefits of paper litter including its effectiveness in controlling unpleasant odor inside a litter box, compared to other traditional litters.

Deoderiser : Litter Fresh Active Charcoal helps to control litter box smell, as it adsorbs and traps odor within the pores of our premium all natural coconut-based activated carbon. Keeping your Litter Fresh longer, saves you money and create lessens waste to the environment; All natural, scent free, chemical free, non toxic, non masking. Safe for cats, people and the environment; Simply mix a bag of Litter Fresh Active+ with your existing cat litter to keep your litter fresh for 7 to 10 days; Suitable for use with all types of cat litter. Also useful for garbage cans, just sprinkle some into the bin.

Key Features:

a) Litter:

Eco-Friendly And Sustainable
7X Absorption & 3X Savings
Odour Control
Flushable and Low Dust
Lightweight and Chemical Free
b) Deoderiser

All Natural
Chemical Free
Wood-based activated carbon
High porosity means more adsorbtion.
Control litter box smell