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Jerhigh Hotdog-Bar Dog Treat - Liver Chicken 150G

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Liver Flavored Hotdog Bar is an innovative, new canine snack suitable for the modern lifestyle of the contemporary generation.

Indulge your furry friend with our innovative Dog Hotdog Bar Treat, crafted to bring joy to your pup's taste buds. Made with wholesome ingredients and served with love, this treat is sure to become your dog's new favorite delight.

  • Gourmet Hotdog Selection: Choose from a variety of gourmet hotdogs specially crafted for dogs, featuring delicious flavors like chicken, beef, and turkey. Each hotdog is made from high-quality ingredients, ensuring a flavorful and nutritious experience for your canine companion.

  • Custom Toppings Galore: Let your pup customize their hotdog with an array of dog-friendly toppings. From savory bacon bits to crunchy carrot shreds, there's something to satisfy every dog's cravings. Our toppings are carefully selected to add both flavor and nutritional value to your pet's treat.

  • Healthy and Digestible: Rest assured that your dog is enjoying a treat that's not only tasty but also beneficial for their health. Our hotdogs are formulated to be easily digestible and free from harmful additives, ensuring a wholesome snacking experience for your beloved pet.

  • Interactive Experience: Treat your dog to a fun and interactive dining experience with our Dog Hotdog Bar. Watch as they eagerly sniff out their favorite toppings and devour every bite with excitement. It's a delightful way to bond with your furry friend while rewarding them for their good behavior.

  • Perfect for Special Occasions: Whether it's a birthday celebration or just a day to pamper your pup, our Dog Hotdog Bar Treat is the perfect choice for any special occasion. Spoil your dog with a gourmet experience they won't soon forget, leaving them wagging their tail with delight.