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Catsan Hygiene Plus Non Clumping 100% Natural Cat Litter, 5 L (2.4 kg)

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Cats love cleanliness and freshness just like you do, and that’s why Catsan™ litter is the number one choice. With Catsan™ Hygiene Plus you care for your cat’s natural needs and provide them with a litter box that’s always clean and hygienic. It is the only cat litter that offers extra mineral protection for long-lasting odor retention, making it hygienically clean and popular with odour-sensitive cats. It absorbs before odour occurs giving cats a comfortable and safe space. The natural lime and fine quartz sand in this cat litter tray gives the quality granules their hygienically clean colour without any dangerous fibers or other incompatible substances.
This non-clumping litter doesn’t stick to the fur as easily as clumping litter and is therefore not licked up during grooming which makes it the right cat litter suitable for all phases of life, including kittens. It contains a lot of air due to its porous structure and is, therefore, easier to carry. Made with 100% natural ingredients, this cat litter box provides you and your fur ball a beautiful and comfortable feeling of being home. Catsan™ litter is a caring expert for demanding cat hygiene for more than 30 years.
Usage: Fill the litter box at least 5 cm high with CATSAN® Hygiene plus. Take out the solid waste daily and shake the litter box from time to time to keep the litter mixed up. Change the litter completely at regular intervals.
Storage: Store in a dry place. Replace when it can no longer absorb urine.